October 29

Halloween III: Season of the Witch “, 1982

Dion and J. Blake invite you to come listen to a special Halloween edition of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers where they take on 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Halloween III Movie poster

Why did this sequel tank so badly? Was it Season of the Witch’s own fault? Is it indeed a good film in the Halloween film franchise? Is Tom Akins really leading-man material? (we here at Saturday Sleepovers do admit this last question is a bit moot at this point…) And multi-colored Tootsie RollsReally?! All these tantalizing questions will be answered on this all NEW installment of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers!

(Check out Tom Akins‘ reaction 30 years later to the film, and his take on the criticism that Michael Myers didn’t make an appearance.)

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  1. By Richie on

    Awesome show, very informative, very funny. A few highlights for me:
    1) Dion- ‘Any man is leading man material.’ LOL, although to be fair to Atkins he does manage to deliver some awesome monologues here and in ‘The Fog’- the ‘disappearing coin’ story on the boat is probably my favorite part of that movie.
    2) Blake’s shout-out, how could I ignore this? I still regret not arguing my point at that horror-fest.
    3) The ‘2001’ ending for Cochran and how bizarre it is- I never really thought about how weird that death is, or if it is actually death (shudders)…
    4) The candy memories on Halloween and Dion’s comment about the razor apples, ‘How could anyone expect to actually get away with that?’
    Overall very cool- thanks for giving this film it’s due. It’s still one of my favorite films across any genre. It’s a pity they rarely take chances on weirdness like this anymore.
    And Blake thanks again for the Blu-ray =)

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