November 14

Mindwarp,” 1992

The boys really searched through the proverbial video store racks for this week’s pick, the little known and probably even less-seldom seen sci-fi treat, Mindwrap from 1992, starring Bruce Campbell and Phantasm‘s Angus Scrimm.

mindwrap poster

This underrated, low-budget post-apocalyptic/technological/CHUD-style tale explores themes probed 7 years later in the highly popular 1999 film The Matrix (though the viewpoints of the filmmakers couldn’t be more carbon opposite), and Mindwrap seems to be an amalgam of some of the best sci-fi films out there, e.g. The Time MachineTotal Recall, Blade Runner and THX 1138.  So please have a listen and enjoy us waxing over a true forgotten sci-fi and Bruce Campbell classic!

(There in fact is an out of print, region free remastered Blu Ray edition put out by Twilight Time Studios, which can be found on Amazon.)  

(Dion misspoke in the cast when he referred to Philip K. Dick‘s iconic short story We Can Remember it For You Wholesale being linked to Blade Runner, when he actually meant Total Recall. He does tend to get a tad over-zealous at times.)

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  1. By Dennis Atherton on

    Hey Guys

    I just heard about you guys through a shout out on FthisMovie by the very nice Patrick Bromley. Im a mmassive Bruce fan so this is a perfect intro to have a listen too. I’ll comment later

  2. By Dennis Atherton on

    Yeah guys. Great fun. All the time I was also thinking about my slight obsession with BC too and other classics like Crimewave and Lunatics, A love Story, and Maniac Cop. Cant wait for Ash Vs Evil dead series too

    You guys have a good vibe. I’ll check out some more. Weekend at Bernies I gotta check next, Best Dead person acting ever, and that moustache too. Love it

    1. By J. Blake on

      Thanks Dennis! We hope you do continue to browse and check out our old stuff…but also keep up with the new episodes. We’d like to think that we get a little bit better with every cast. 😉 …and yes we too are VERY excited about Ash vs. The Evil Dead. Again, thanks for listening…and spread the word!


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