February 23

A SNMS Side Chat, Feb 2024

Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers is coming at you, to open up the 2024 season. They boys are winging it this week since the tape got stuck and shredded in the VCR, having an off-the-cuff discussion about anything that comes to mind, which is usually about the good old days of childhood. Come have a listen as Blake and Dion head back down the alley yet again, in this very special installment of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers!

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  1. By James Morrow on

    I always love hearing from you guys and what’s up with your lives. If you could return to maybe once a month? This kind of format, or reviewing a movie, or something else-I’d just like to know that you two are still here with us! 🙂 Be well. Topic suggestions: Best disaster movies, best movie bullies, best heist movies.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Thank you so much, James. Yeah, we’re trying to do it a bit more on the regular and have some ideas I’m the pipe- and great topic ideas! Thank you!

  2. By Zachary Alti on

    Loved the episode. Started listening years ago (2014?) for the movie reviews but enjoy the banter. If it means more regular releases even bettert! Can’t believe how much work you guys put into each episode with research (and reading every novelization). Don’t know how you find the time alongside book writing! Grateful for the content!

    Potential Topic ideas;
    Favorite spring break/summer break memories
    Memories of movie releases you were excited for as kids
    Reviewing all the movies of one year that you enjoyed (just based on your memory)
    Childhood halloweens memories
    Recalling favorite childhood halloween costumes
    Talking about after school shows and Sat morning cartoons
    Watching a muted movie in real time and commenting about it
    A episodetalking about really sweet guys from our childhoods John Candy, Jim Varney, Fred Roger’s, Bob Ross, etc.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Hey Zachary! Thank you so much for listening, and the fantastic topic ideas. We may certainly talk about some of them. Thank you sir!


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