January 17

Nighthawks, 1981

Welcome to the 2020 season of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers. J. Blake and Dion Baia decided to go way down the alley and kick off the year with a personal favorite for the duo, a film that became a gritty, New York cult classic. The boys are tackling the Sylvester Stallone classic Nighthawks, from 1981.

Dion and Blake unpack the many stories revolving around the making of this movie, from an original two and a half hour cut that was severely chopped down to scale back the gore and remove the lead character background subplots, to the stories of the tension onset told to them by SNMS‘ old friend, retired NYPD Detective turned actor, producer and film consultant, Randy Jurgensen. The fellas are taking the Christmas tree down and putting the decorations away for this season opener in and all new 2020 edition of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers! And thank you Moose!

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Check out our exclusive interviews with retired NYPD Homicide Detective turned producer, actor and film consultant Randy Jurgensen about his days as a cop, and his incredible history with some of the most classic films of all time!

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  1. By Jonathan Guca on

    Never commented before.
    I’m 31 and have been listening to your podcast ever since Commando. This podcast was actually one of the first to get me into listening to podcasts in general.
    I’ve always enjoyed listening to you guys (my wife as well), even if I’m not familiar with the movie, which happens 1 outta 5 times.
    Anyway, I just wanna let you guys know that you both rock and I’d put down cash if you ever start a Patreon or something.
    This episode got me really excited to check this movie out.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this,
    Jon G.

    1. By J. Blake on

      Thanks John…for the support, the years of listening, and for taking the time to drop us a comment. It is all much appreciated! You da man!


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