December 20

Batman Returns, 1992

The boys are closing out the 2019 season of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers with a Christmas favorite and epic superhero sequel, the controversial Tim Burton classic, Batman Returns, from 1993!

J. Blake and Dion take a deep dive back into the Tim Burton world of Gotham City, unpacking the potential what if’s that could have been for this follow up- like a Billy Dee Williams Two-Face setup, or a Marlon Wayans Robin, and the dark tone that ultimately scared merchandisers, and caused Burton not to be asked back for the third installment. It’s a jingle bell ringing, egg nog drinking, and Christmas decorating, all new season closer of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers!


Check out the boys back in 2015 covering the penultimate classic, Tim Burton‘s Batman from 1989!

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  1. By Jose A. Rivera on

    This was an unexpected surprise. And since it has Christmas elements in it, it’s a good choice for the holiday episode.

    I can absolutely remember when I saw this movie. It was the day after a big field trip to Dorney Park. When we got home that Friday night, my sisters and I knocked out. When we woke up the next morning, my Mom took me and my sisters downtown to Herald Square to buy some clothes. We were passing by Macy’s (I believe) and there was a window display of all the costumes from the movie. It blew my mind! Later that night, my parents took me and my sisters to the Loews theater on 86th and 3rd and as we waited to get in, there was a guy on the street selling comics. My dad bought me the comic adaptation of Batman Returns. There were so many people waiting for the next showing, we had to line up outside the building.

    I remember really liking this movie as a kid. It had a different feel than the previous movie, but that never bothered me. As I got older and understood the whole duality thing they were going for with each character, I appreciated the movie more. How would I rank it with the rest of the movies? I put it up there with the 1989 movie. There’s just something about Keaton.

    Elfman’s score for this is amazing. My favorite cue is from the Penguin’s speech. Don’t get me wrong, DeVito did a hell of a job with that speech, but Elfman helps to make the visual of a man in make up talking to a bunch of Penguins feel grandiose.

    Great episode as always, guys. You’ve had one hell of a year and it’s been a pleasure to listen. It was also a pleasure to meet you guys in October 🙂

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Hey Jose! Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Year! Yeah, Batman Returns is a fabulous movie. Those are great memories of seeing it and getting the comic adaptation. I had it too as a kid and loved it. And the soundtrack is amazing. Really good. Thank you so much Jose. You are and always will be, the man! – Dion

  2. By Colin dougall on

    Another fantastic podcast lads. I’d just like to thank you for your content you put out and I’m definitely going to miss cuts from the crypt, I was painting the bedroom a couple of weeks ago rocking out to gremlins for your Halloween show.

    So keep up the great work and do more Dion’s dad impressions they crack me up so much.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Hey Colin! Thank you so much for the kind words and your support. And for taking the time to write us. Yes, Cuts From the Crypt will be missed, and we will continue throwing out impressions of Dion’s Dad, and who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us and yell at us again like he did on the Total Recall episode. Thanks again sir. Cheers!


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