June 28

RoboCop 2, 1990

Welcome back to another edition of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers’ 2019 Summer of Sequels! Blake and Dion are leaving the car in neutral this week, staying in 1990, and hitting up a sequel that doesn’t seem to get a fair shake–the dystopian future noir Motor City film, RoboCop 2!

The boys breakdown this disturbing sequel, utilizing the novelization, and deleted scenes and other outtakes, to paint a broad comprehensive overall picture of what the writers and filmmakers were going for. They discuss the complexities of the Robocop 2 miniature design, and the reasons behind it, and again tell their Tom Noonan sighting story… which leads to reflections of encounters with John Lithgow and Peter Weller. So grab your popcorn and Auto 9 pistols, because the boys are headed to the old 313, Detroit, on an all new exciting and hilarious episode of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers!


Watch these guys in their small apartment create a life-sized scale puppet of ED 209!

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  1. By Joseph W on

    I loved this podcast as it brung back a lot of memories good and bad (aka RoboCain or Robocop 2 scaring the hell out of me as a kid).

    There’s one thing that you missed. The first time I heard there was a sequel to Robocop when I was watching the WCW/NWA World Wide Wrestling syndicated show. Yes, Robocop took part in a “major” pro wrestling event. They even had his name on the PPV: Capital Combat 90 The Return of Robocop.

    They promoted that Robo was going to help his “friend” Sting (not the singer) against the Four Horsemen heel group. At the PPV, Sting got jumped by the Horseman & was locked in a mini prison cage around the entrance. (The cage was used earlier in the show to prevent manager Jim Cornette from interfering in an tag team match. Just don’t ask.) As Sting plays damsel in distress, guess who comes to his rescue. Robocop! Robocop walks down the aisle & “rips” the door off the cage to set Sting free as the Horseman cower in fear. Yes, this actually happened in May of 1990, a month before the sequel hit theaters. We have Turner Home Entertainment making a deal with Orion Pictures to thank for this.

    It’s safe to say, that the fanbase rejected this & it was one of the most embarrassing cross-promotion events in WCW history.

    Here’s the Capital Combat 90 promo with Sting & Robocop.


    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Hey Joseph!

      Yes, thank you for reminding us. We had that in our notes but completely forgot to bring it up! Damn! Sometimes the closets are so tight that we’re recording in, we arent able to fully stretch out and place all our notes in front of us- so, when we’re jockeying through em, there’s a chance like here, we miss something. The definitely was something we should of mentioned! Thanks for reminding us and thank you so much for listening to the podcast, AND for taking the time to comment!


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