September 16

Leon- The Professional, 1994

The boys are back, covering one of the most iconic films of their early friendship, and a 90’s classic, Leon- The Professional. In their classic format, J. Blake and Dion Baia talk about the US cut verse the International Cut, the provocative storyline, and the auteur-styling. So sit back, crack open a cold one as the fellas take you back in an all new episode of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers!

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  1. By Werner Henning on

    What a nice surprise in those dark times. A really, really, REALLY gReAt sUrPrIsE. And I hope that you will talk about Spielberg’s best movie. 1941.
    You really made my dreary week a little bit better.


  2. By Werner Henning on

    Nice that you are back!!! You made my dreary week a lot better. Even though I am not that fond of Leon, I listen to it with joy. Even better would be something about Spielberg’s best movie, 1941, or Robert Zemeckis’s masterpiece, “Used Cars.”

  3. By Jose A. Rivera on

    Feels good to hear you guys again, and it feels even better to write here again.

    I think I was fourteen when I first saw The Professional on HBO. It was a Friday night (which means it had to have premiered before). I got into the movie because it was so different than anything I’d ever seen. Plus, I had a crush on Natalie Portman.

    You guys mentioned how this movie is very European and that’s true. I can’t help but wonder how the movie would’ve turned out had it been made with an American director. Would they have aged up Matilda to be like eighteen? Would they have made her the older sister and have two siblings killed by the cops? Would Leon be more cold and calculating? Would they have had Matilda kill Stansfield? Would they have had Leon live through the finale for a happy ending? There’s so many ways this could’ve gone into a typical Hollywood film.

    Is it me or did anyone else think Tony taking advantage of Leon’s inability to read and he didn’t really “hold” Leon’s money? That he gave Leon jobs and would keep most of the money? That’s a bit cynical, I know. I don’t want to believe that about Tony, but he did give up Leon to Stansfield.

    Finally, you mention you can see the trains at 97th in a scene. I noticed that, because that’s an avenue and a half up from me! I live on 97th and I would see those trains all the time, especially if my family went to One Fish, Two Fish, which has sadly closed.

    Great stuff, guys! Missed this!

  4. By Ian Cowley on

    It’s good to see you guys back. All through your disappearance, I had you at the top of my podcast feed, waiting to see if you came back!


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