October 25

Tales From The Darkside: The Movie, 1990

Welcome to week four of the 2019 Horror Movie Extravaganza on Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers! Dion Baia and J. Blake decided to continue down the same route and do another anthology that has been related to the others they’ve profiled this past month, covering the cult classic Tales From The Darkside: The Movie, from 1990!

The boys unpack the iconic 1980’s series Tales From The Darkside, and set the stage for how the 1990 feature film came about. Blake discusses his interviews with composer and (this film’s) director John Harrison– about the backstory involving George A. Romero and Stephen King, and getting this film made, and how Creepshow and even Creepshow 2 were the catalyst. So make sure you don’t scare easily, because Dion and Blake are back to tell you some more spooky tales on this all new installment of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers!


David Nelson is the name of the musician that played with David Johansen that Dion couldn’t remember, who is now a financial adviser (no relation to Ozzie & Harriet Nelson), who was with the singer post New York Dolls, in his solo years prior to Buster Poindexter.

Check out the original theatrical trailer!

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  1. By Jose A. Rivera on

    AMAZING choice to end this awesome anthology month. If people didn’t like the theme…screw ’em! I loved it!

    Tales From the Darkside The Movie is burned into my brain for two reasons: First, I’d see that poster in the subway when I was a kid and it would freak me the hell out! It’s those eyes and teeth. Second, those who did see it would come to school and talk about the mummy taking the guy’s brains out through his nose with a hangar. The thought of it seemed so painful as a kid.

    When I got older and got to see the movie in its entirety…I loved it! Each story has its own unique flavor. Lot 249 could’ve worked as an episode of Tales From the Crypt. Cat From Hell took me a while to get into. You know what always stuck out like a sore thumb for me? The cartoon “thunk!” sound effect when the cat jumps into Johansen’s mouth. I’ve learned to appreciate it more when I realized the cat was like an avatar of revenge for all the cats William Hickey’s character’s company killed testing that drug. And Lover’s Vow…that’s like everyone’s favorite story. That gargoyle is absolutely freaky. The voice and the lighting help give it this otherwordly look. If I was James Remar, I would’ve kept quiet. I could’ve had a long and happy life with Rae Dawn Chong! Also, is it me or does the score for that segment sound a lot like the score for the first Ninja Turtles movie?

    This was an amazing October. You guys did a fantastic job! Thank you so much!


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