August 9

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, 1987

Welcome back to another edition of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers! J. Blake and Dion Baia are in the midst of their epic, and legendary, 2019 Summer of Sequels Series, and this week the boys are taking on a cult-classic horror movie sequel, that is considered one of the best films of the genre from its time period; none other than Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, from 1987, starring the man himself, Bruce Campbell.

The fellas get right into the nuts and bolts of this flick, laying out the back story and collaboration between Raimi and Campbell, and all the little Easter eggs and inside jokes layered within. They tap into Blake‘s expertise on the subject, as he is a huge fan of all things Bruce Campbell and particularly this series. They explain what the “Fake Shemp” is, and lament about how influential this film was at the time, and wonder how it is viewed by younger audiences today who are basically able to shoot a movie like this on their phone. So, just make sure you’re not accidentally reciting satanic rites or incantations that release any forces from Hell this week, in another enthralling and hilarious episode of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers!

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As discussed in the podcast, check out Blake’s 2013 exclusive interview with the man, the myth, the legend himself, Bruce Campbell!

Have a listen of the boys 2015 Side-Cast Episode on Bruce Campbell, entitled the Fake Shemp!

And go take a listen to their 3rd episode of the SNMS on the Bruce Campbell 1992 classic, Mindwarp!

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  1. By Eric on

    Another great episode guys! Love this movie so much, it gets played a tad loud during Halloween time when the yearly viewing comes around. I made a short film in college many years ago that incorporated some audio from the movie in an amusing way. I recently bumped Into the “star” of that short a couple weeks ago and he hadn’t seen it in years, so that was a hoot to see his reaction. And next up I get to listen to predator 2!!
    Keep up the great conversations!


    Here’s the short film if you have a few minutes to be slightly amused

  2. By Jose A. Rivera on

    I know I’m a month behind on the episodes (My job has me running around and we recently had a death in the family) but I’m glad I have this back catalog of episodes to keep me distracted. Thank you guys, for that! It’s more help than you know.

    As for Evil Dead 2, I caught it in 2002 or 2003. My best friend was very much into these movies and showed me this and Army of Darkness back-to-back. I was under the assumption they were straight horror movies but was happy to find so much comedy in both. And it’s odd because I like each movie for different reasons. I love Evil Dead 2 because it mixes the horror with the comedy and I adore what they did with the budget they had. I love Army of Darkness because of it’s hilarious (it’s got some scares, but every time I watch it, I crack up more times than I’m scared)

    And before I forget, I totally remember that ABC movie of the Three Stooges. I taped it the night it aired and I always get a little emotional at the end when Moe, Larry and Curly-Joe take their bows on the stage. I watched it recently and didn’t realize the reporter that comes to them is Joel Edgerton!

    I’m hoping to get back to writing you guys regularly now that things are settling down. I’ve still got the Predator 2 and the For a Few Dollars More episodes to listen to.

    Thank you for all the hard work and also, thank you for the distraction.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Hey Jose! First, our condolences to you and the family. And thanks so much for checking in. Glad you liked the Evil Dead cast, and yeah, that Stooges TV movie was great. I gotta revisit it. And hope you kike the next episodes as well as we close out the summer. Be well and as always, thank you- you’re the man! -Dion

      1. By Jose A. Rivera on

        Thanks, Dion. I appreciate the kind words. So far I’m loving the Predator 2 episode. I’m saving the rest for my trip to the wake tomorrow. It’ll help keep me distracted and pass the time.


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