April 20

Captain America, 1990

Welcome back to another edition of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers! J. Blake and Dion Baia are kicking the Spring season off with a cult classic -a film largely forgotten by many- or gets a raw deal by those who do. But with the new Avengers: Infinite Wars coming out, the boys thought it was about time to cover this important installment in Marvel history. This week it’s they’re talking all things Captain America, from 1990.

Captain America 1990 Movie Poster

Dion and Blake chat about growing up being avid comic book fans and how popular the medium was at the time, while reminiscing about the various comic book stores they frequented in that glorious era of their youth. They segue and discuss the history of Captain America and particularly how it related to what was really happening in the world at the time, before they get to the 1990 film. They explore the epic cast assembled and the pitfalls of trying to do a faithful adaptation of a classic character without having the budget to do so. It’s all going down on this epic, all-new episode of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers!


Here’s the entire film in spectacular quality, courtesy of YouTube!

Check out the original trailer for Captain America!

Take a look at director Albert Pyun discussing the casting the roll of Captain America for his 1990 film.

Have a look at VH1’s FLIX 1989 behind-the-scenes featurette of the making of Captain America.

And here is a rarely seen 1986 Cannon Films promo for the upcoming Captain America film, being billed then as helmed by Death Wish franchise director Michael Winner

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  1. By Jose A. Rivera on

    Now this one takes me back! It was the night before my birthday in 1992, I believe. I see in the TV guide a listing for Captain America later that night on Cinemax. At first I think it’s the Reb Brown TV movies, but my soon-to-be nine year old self said fuck it and put it to record after I fell asleep. When I saw it the next day, I was excited. It started off good with that creepy rat, the costume and the fight with the Red Skull near the rocket…then it went from exciting to “meh” I kept watching hoping it’d get better. The ending wasn’t so bad, but there was so much in the middle that didn’t feel like a superhero movie that I kind of tuned out. Hearing about the troubled production, I can see why the movie is what it is. And yet, I’ve still got a fondness for it.

    You guys really reminded me of those early days of the Sci-Fi Channel, before they had original programming and were showing stuff they got the rights to (as with many cable channels) I saw the Doctor Strange movie, the Spider-Man TV show, the Incredible Hulk TV movies I hadn’t seen since they first aired and while I was excited to have superhero content, making superhero movies back then wasn’t always the home run it is today.

    Also, kudos for putting up that rare promo when Michael Winner was attached! I heard the theme from The Last Starfighter in there! That theme would work with a lot of superheroes. Personally, I feel The Last Starfighter is the best Green Lantern movie out there. Think about it, they’ve got a lot of similarities.

    1. By J. Blake on

      Totally agree about the Last Starfighter/Green Lantern…never thought about it before, but I think you’re right. So glad you enjoyed the episode. We appreciate the continued support!



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