June 2

Teen Wolf, 1985 – SNMS Presents: SNMGuestovers

This week Blake welcomes a very special guest — the always charming Patrick Bromley of F This Movie  to partake in part 2 of an exciting, podcast-spanning 1985 werewolf extravaganza! In part 1, Blake joins Patrick on the F This Movie podcast to discuss one of his favorite films, SILVER BULLET (which can be found HERE). And for this glorious installment of the “SNMS Presents” series, Patrick brings his love for all things Michael J. Fox to the table, as he and Blake get a little personal while discussing the finer points of the sleepover classic, TEEN WOLF.

Patrick and Blake begin the show by reminiscing about their first viewings of TEEN WOLF before diving into an in-depth discussion about the making of the film, its post BACK TO THE FUTURE release, infamous sequel, Saturday Morning Cartoon spin-off, characters, message and most importantly…the eye-opening & life-changing revelation that Patrick had upon this latest viewing. He may never be the same again!

So what does the newly coined term “Chasing Boof” mean? How many times do the boys manage to say the word “Boof” in this episode? What is the moral of this crazy 80s comedy about a basketball-playing teenaged werewolf? Are Pam & Boof the 80s’ equivalent of “Betty & Veronica?” Has Blake finally found his 21 Jump Street-loving soulmate? Was it really out of fashion to give somebody the nickname “Chunk” by the early 1990s? Which childhood crush, of both Blake and Patrick’s, almost starred in a third TEEN WOLF movie? All of these questions and more are answered in this very special, podcast crossover installment of SNMS PRESENTS: SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE GUESTOVERS!!!

Check out Patrick & Blake discussing 1985’s SILVER BULLET by CLICKING HERE.

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Check out the opening to the TEEN WOLF cartoon by CLICKING HERE.

Check out Patrick & Blake’s favorite scene from the movie by CLICKING HERE.

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  1. By Jose A. Rivera on

    The moment that theme song from the cartoon hit, I got flashbacks to watching it as a kid! I don’t remember too much about the cartoon itself but that theme song always stuck in my head.

    I know I’m dating myself when I say this but damn do I miss waking up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. I’d usually get up around the time before the main cartoon blocks started and you got import/lesser known cartoons on first. Camp Candy was definitely a 6:30 or 7:30am show before the main block started. And you always knew cartoons were over when you saw Kids Sports, Kids news, that CBS Storybook show or Saved By the Bell on.

    There was something special about Saturday mornings and the cartoons we got. Even the ones based off movies. Hell, The Real Ghostbusters was amazing!

    Great episode. Teen Wolf was a rare but fun movie and yea, I’ll cop to enjoying Teen Wolf Too!

    1. By J. Blake (Post author) on

      Thanks Jose!

      So glad you enjoyed the episode…and yes Saturday morning cartoons were awesome. I miss the good old days.

      Thanks so much for dropping us a comment.



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