September 20

The Punisher ” 1989

In the inaugural edition of J. Blake and Dion Baia‘s new podcast Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers, the boys fittingly pick the forgotten, some may even call lost and dark Marvel Comics classic, Mark Goldblatt’s The Punisher from 1989, starring Dolph Lundrgen and Lou Gossett Jr.


They go in depth about the film, discuss the era and climate it came out in, and perhaps why it was so quickly pushed to the wayside (for the right or wrong reasons) and if it truly deserved its inescapable fate. Was it as bad as we all remember?  Did it do the character Frank Castle the justice he deserved? Is it actually a good film that has shades of newer movies that we now deem ‘classics’? Will we ever see such a politically incorrect film quite like this ever be produced from Marvel again? Well… come on down and have a listen and find out! (And check out some great scenes that didn’t get passed the cutting room floor.)

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  1. By The Inquisitor on

    This movie is at the same time terrible & awesome. The movies that walk this actually
    quite thin line are the ones I tend to enjoy the most. The Punisher could have been a classic
    & that is why it’s still totally worth watching today. From a technical movie making stand point,
    this is better then most of what Marvel is doing now. On the other hand, it’s more of a
    standard 80s revenge flick. The actual Punisher elements are a side note. Having said all
    that, I still appreciate this one and I feel like it totally has cult relevance. Furthermore, I’ve never
    considered The Punisher as a Halloween costume and now I am. I’m terms of Saturday Night Movie
    Sleepovers, that pretty much says it all. Thanks for the post.


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