October 12

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, 1994

Welcome back to week two of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers’ October Halloween Horror Movie ExtravaganzaJ. Blake and Dion Baia are celebrating the 200th anniversary of a book that set a standard and changed history forever. That’s right, the boys are talking Mary Shelley’s legendary debut novel Frankenstein, and tackling the Kenneth Branagh epic, his Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, from 1994!

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein

Dion and Blake discuss Ms. Shelley‘s background and circumstances surrounding her penning the 1818 classic, and the decisions Branagh made in the director’s chair as to include (for the first time) portions from the novel that had been previously omitted from other film adaptations. They analyze the 1994 movie, covering some of the aspects that made his version so polarizing for some. So be prepared as the boys bring you back to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution and the 1990’s gothic revival, in an all new installment of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers’ October Horror Movie Extravaganza!


Have a read of the original masterpiece that started it all, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein!

Take a look at the Robert DeNiro Frankenstein vinyl model that was produced in 1994!

Take a listen to Part 1 of a 1955 Suspense! radio play of Frankenstein!

And of course, take a listen to Part 2!

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  1. By Jose A. Rivera on

    This was an excellent episode to a movie I’m so-so on. I didn’t see this one until much later in life…around college, I think. I thought it was okay. Its possible this is my first Kenneth Branagh movie.

    There were some things in Blake’s Mary Shelly information that caught my ear. This past summer I was watching The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix. Sean Bean plays an investigator in Victorian England who looks into a body that washed up ashore that seems to be stitched together and based on Mary Shelly’s works. Shelly actually shows up in a few episodes, there’s scenes that deal with Galvanism and how it could reanimate the dead, and even a character in the second season named Mr. Dipple. It’s surprisingly good.

    Also, the TV/VCR combo…I totally had one of those in 1996. I was taping a lot of cartoons and wrestling in the living room when I was younger. My parents not being able to watch their shows because I was taping something and the fact the old tv that was in my room broke down was the reason they picked up the combo at the Wiz. It was a TV monitor but the VCR was attached below the screen. I loved that thing. Sadly, I broke the VCR part when I was in a hurry to tape something and jammed the cassette too hard into the slot. Something broke and the VCR portion became useless. You couldn’t fix it because you’d have to take apart the whole TV to do so. Needless to say my parents were PISSSED. But yea, good memories lol

    Love the pictures of the model kit, by the way!


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