March 10

Cody Carpenter – SNMS Presents: Movie Lovers

We are back with the 2nd installment of our new feature called MOVIE LOVERS and this week Blake sits down with the son of sleepover movie royalty, (John Carpenter and Adrienne Barbeau‘s son) Cody Carpenter! The two discuss Cody’s new album ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, recording & touring with his dad and his love of movies. They reminisce about a few sleepover classics that have been featured on the regular SNMS podcast, as well as the work of animator/director Ralph Bakshi. They chat about the music of composer Vince Dicola and the Italian progressive rock band Goblin and Cody patiently sits through & answers a barrage of questions about his father…questions that did uncover some (arguably) revealing details about the patron-saint of sleepover movies, John Carpenter.

Which mid-eighties kids movie is “more than a movie” to Cody Carpenter? Who was Cody paying homage to when he composed the score to his father’s Masters of Horror episode Cigarette Burns? What moment did Blake & Cody (then strangers) share in Washington D.C.? What is Cody’s favorite ‘Carpenter film?’ Did Adrienne Barbeau like to ‘tape’ things off of TV? Did John Carpenter take his son to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells tour? Which guilty pleasure movie gets screened in the Carpenter household every time it is on TV? You will find the answers to these questions, and so many more, on this all new and exciting installment of SNMS PRESENTS: MOVIE LOVERS!

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You can download Cody’s new album, Alternate Universe on iTunes, Amazon and at

Check out an awesome video of Cody playing a track from the film Christine, with his dad John Carpenter, live in concert by CLICKING HERE.

Check out the official music video for the track “Distant Dream” from the album Lost Themes II, by CLICKING HERE.

Check out the official music video for the 2016 re-recording of theme to Escape from New York, by CLICKING HERE.

Check out the classic Coupe De Ville’s music video for the Big Trouble in Little China theme song, by CLICKING HERE.

Check out the trailer for Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards, by CLICKING HERE.

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  1. By Jose A. Rivera on

    I just finished listening to the episode and Cody sounds like a kick-ass guy to talk to. Blake, loved some of the questions you asked. Also, it’s amazing Carpenter has a copy of your book on his coffee table.

    Also, thanks for putting one of Cody’s songs on at the end. I was curious about checking out some of his work as the episode went on and getting to hear the song made me want to check out the album. I can definitely hear some of his father in there but I can also hear some of Vince DiCola, too.

    Oh, and if you’re talking about adult animation, I gotta say Rock-N-Rule is right up there. And if we’re just saying Bakshi stuff, my favorite of his is American Pop. It was definitely an influence on me.

    1. By J. Blake (Post author) on

      Hey thanks for listening and taking the time to reply Jose. It was a lot of fun talking to Cody. As you can hear from the episode, he is super nice and humble. It was a real pleasure and he was a really good sport about the questions about his Dad. I genuinely like his album Alternate Universe and I was really glad he consented to me playing a song on the show. So yeah, you should check out his stuff. He’s a talented guy.

      Also, he told me about his dad having my book on his coffee table after we were done recording, but I had a back up recorder going. That’s why the sound quality is a bit poor in comparison to the rest of the show. I wasn’t going to include it, but I thought my stuttering speechless reaction to it was kinda funny. So I put it in as a kinda ‘Easter egg.’ It was a shocker and obviously a real thrill to find out that the biggest influence on the book thinks enough of it to have a copy sitting on his coffee table. It made my day…maybe my year.

      Take care and thanks again.


      1. By Jose A. Rivera on

        I’m listening to “Little Magic Girl” again and I can totally see this being the end credits song to an 80’s movie…and I love it for that!

        I think I have to get the full album now!

        1. By J. Blake (Post author) on

          Very glad you’re digging it. That’s probably my favorite song on the album, but I think the whole album is pretty sweet.



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