September 25

The Maltese Falcon, 1941

The boys are back for their monumental anniversary podcast, and boy is it a whopper! J. Blake and Dion Baia are going way down the alley and discussing a classic near and dear to their hearts, The Maltese Falcon, from 1941.

As usual, they go all-out unpacking this massive topic, first going over Dashiell Hammett‘s groundbreaking and game-changing career. They hit the rise of the ‘gentlemen detective‘ of the 1930s, and how this 1941 film influenced and begot us film noir and the hard-boiled detective. It’s a jammed pack, lengthy podcast- their longest to date… (and boy does Dion talk a lot!). But this topic is right in their wheelhouse, and it’s their anniversary. Blake and Dion also talk about their new upcoming books. So kick back your heels, get comfortable and grab your favorite drink, cause the fellas are analyzing one of the their favorite topics, on an all new anniversary edition of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers, which is now is also on Patreon!!

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  1. By Chris fitzwalter on

    Hey guys! Just found your podcast a couple of months ago, and I am already a huge fan. I love the longer format of the shows as compared to some of the other film criticism podcasts out there. As someone who went to film school (and is now a power plant operator for some reason), it’s easy and enjoyable to get lost in your “rabbit hole” trains of thought when it comes to certain aspects of criticism and analysis. I like that you guys give the topic plenty of room to breathe.

    Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE 70’s-90’s movies, but I just wanted to say how excited I was to see a film on the podcast that I had to write a paper on in film school. I just had to break out my old Maltese Falcon Rutgers monograph from back in the day to go over my old notes and highlighted sections. Keep it up, guys; you’re doing great work. If you’re going to do another noir-ish movie in the future, may I suggest The Big Heat or Kiss Me Deadly? Both criminally underrated, in my opinion.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Hey Chris!

      Thank you so much for listening to us and for also taking the time to sit down and write us! We’re both film noir fans, and I’ve personally become alittle obsessive with the genre in the passed 2 decades particular due to the fact that my upcoming book (which I’d originally written as a script 12 years ago) takes place within the genre. So I LOVE these films. And Ralph Meeker is great in Kiss Me Deadly- there’s soooo many of these films we could do episodes on. We’ll put em on the list, but as we always say, so many movies, so little time. Ha. Maybe we’ll do a sidecast down the road highlight alot of the pillars in the genre). Such good stuff. And we hope you like this miniseries of an episode- ha! I sure talk way too much. Hehehe. Thank you again and we hope you continue to enjoy what you hear. – Dion (& Blake)

  2. By Jose Rivera on

    I got a new laptop so hopefully this comment goes through:

    While Blake was right, I’ve been hoping for The Phantom, I’ve gotta say, this was a welcome surprise for the anniversary episode! I don’t think I’ve ever seen The Maltese Falcon before. I know of it through cultural osmosis, but I’ve never actually seen the movie before this past weekend. It was really good! You can see why Bogart was a leading man back in the day. This movie is dripping with noir goodness and I’m kicking myself I didn’t see this sooner. Although if I had tried to watch it when I was younger, I would’ve gotten it mixed up with Casablanca and accidentally watched the wrong movie.

    I still hope we get The Phantom and The Mask of Zorro to round out the 90’s big budget pulp hero movies, but I’m also loving last year and this year’s picks.

    Of course, it wouldn’t be an anniversary comment without me mentioning what’s on my
    Wishlist for you guys to cover down the line; namely Streets of Fire, The Phantom, Last Man Standing, The Wraith and With Honors.

    Happy anniversary and thank you for all the years of entertainment.

    Your fan,

    P.S. The shirt I bought is so comfy!


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