October 11

Tales From the Crypt 1972, & Vault of Horror, 1973 Double Feature

Welcome back to week two of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers’ 2019 Horror Movie Extravangza! Dion and Blake are back and trying to fill a tall order, doing an old double feature this Saturday Night. They’re heading back to the well, tackling the films that bred life back into the historic EC Comics property–the Amicus classics Tales From the Crypt from 1972 and Vault of Horror from 1973!

Blake and Dion jump right in, laying out the lengthy and fascinating history of EC Comics, and how a British Company named Amicus reinvigorated a forgotten franchise that’s still going strong, almost 70 years on. They also utilize both novelizations to help breakdown these incredible double-features. So gather round your streaming devices as the fellas act as pseudo “horror hosts”, to take you through this week’s spooky and ghostly installment of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers!


Here are the boys last year visiting New York City’s Society of Illustrators exhibit of the art of EC Comics, MAD Magazine and William Gaines!

Check out William Gaines testifying in front of Congress in 1954 during the Dr. Fredric Wertham hearings.

Have a look at the lobby card from the Vault of Horror and its lost shot from the 1973 film.

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  1. By Drew Peterson on

    Hey Guys,
    I came across your podcast about 3 months ago and fucking love it! I’ve been listening to it non-stop since then. No shit. I haven’t even listened to Maron’s podcast in 3 months cause I’ve been binging y’all ever since I subscribed, which says a lot. I actually watched The Blob for the first time before I listened to that cast and fucking loved it. I just have 2 recommendations. How about True Romance? I saw it in the 9th grade because my brother managed the mall theater and would let me hang there all weekend. I then showed it to a friend on VHS at a sleepover and since then it’s never failed to captivate new viewers. It’s basically a gateway to Tarantino. The other one is (and please don’t laugh) Dream a little Dream with the Corey Haim and Feldman, fucking classic. Keep up the good work guys!

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Hey Drew! Sorry for the delayed reply. We’re so happy to have you along for our zanny nostalgic journey into our collective childhoods. We hope you continue to dig what we’re hearing. And yes, I’m sure we’ll get to True Romance at some point as it is a favorite at SNMS, and has some absolutely amazing performances- they could have an entire master’s class on Gary Oldman’s work in it. Ha. Thank you so much, and thank you for taking the time to drop us a line. You are the man!

  2. By Jose A. Rivera on

    Now we’re cooking with evil gas! This was a wonderful double feature.

    When I see Tales From the Crypt, I always associate it with Ferngully…hear me out. We had a school trip to see Ferngully and when we came home I knocked out like you wouldn’t believe. When I woke up, my dad was watching TV in the living room. I asked him what he was watching and he said it was Tales From the Crypt. It didn’t look like the show on HBO. He told me it was an older version. I came in when the lady wishes her husband to live forever. “Blind Alleys” was my favorite/scared the hell out of me because of those razors hammered into the walls. What a gruesome way to go!

    I didn’t see Vault of Horror until maybe eight or nine years ago when I saw it at a friend’s house. I loved “The Neat Job” because I know how people can get obsessive with having everything in its place and found myself rooting for the Mary Poppins lady. I liked that we never saw what they saw in “This Trick’ll Kill You” It adds to the mystery. Also…that Indian girl was a cutie!

    So thrilled this is anthologies this month!

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Hey Jose!

      Ha! We’re so glad your like this year’s halloween episodes. We talk about the whole thought process behind it, in this week’s upcoming installment, freshly recorded! Ha. Yeah, I have such a huge affinity for these movies and the EC comics. I knkw Vault has its short comings, but it also holds a swell place in my heart. I hope enough people have seen them. Glad you’re well, and love Ferngully connection- now I’ll think of that and you when I think of that great movie. Ha! Great memories. Take care, and be well sir. -Dion


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