May 18

Total Recall ,1990

Welcome back to another installment of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers ! Dion Baia and J. Blake are taking on a popular fan request, a real favorite from their childhoods that was a blockbuster when it was released. The boys are getting their asses to Mars this week as they cover the Arnold Schwarzenegger epic, Total Recall, from 1990!

Total Recall Poster

Blake and Dion jump right into it, revisiting this classic and discuss how happy they are that this movie still holds up. They compare the finished version to the original Philip K. Dick short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale as well as the differences within the novelization, and explain the long process of getting this from the page to the screen. They unpack the massive Practical Effects in all their splendor, something that probably will never be seen in a Hollywood film like this again- along with a whole lot more. So come on down and check out another really late night meditation in an all new episode of  Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers !

*During the podcast, actor Michael Champion was mentioned as perhaps the villain in the 1991 film The Hard Way, when it was in fact the great Stephen Lang.


Check out the original theatrical teaser trailer to Total Recall!

Watch the making of titled, Imagining Total Recall!

Take look at these rare, behind the scenes!

Here’s a great little featurette about the miniature work from Total Recall!

Last but not least, have a look at this Special Effects Featurette that explains the Skeleton Scene, among others!

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  1. By Jose A. Rivera on

    Was not expecting this episode! And yes, I know I’m late on it lol

    This was one of Dad’s “Random trip to the video store” brings and I remember getting into it…then getting freaked out by Kuato…then thinking “He’d be an awesome Krang” I’ve come back to the movie later in life, after everyone has had their say whether it’s all a dream or real. Personally, I like to watch it randomly and try to see it from one point of view on one viewing, then seeing it from the other side on another.

    And as for Last Action Hero…BRING IT ON! I liked it as a kid but loved it when I got older and realized it’s an homage/parody of action movies. If the day comes where you guys do that one, I’ll be listening with baited breath!


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