June 29

SNMS PRESENTS: A Preview of Star Wars’ Cinema Technology on American Innovations

This week Dion and Blake present a preview of the exciting new season of the American Innovations podcast, hosted by Steven Johnson!

To bring Star Wars to the screen, new technology had to be invented and utilized in ways never before imagined. On a new series of American Innovations, we go behind the scenes of the pioneering tools used to bring George Lucas’s vision to life.

Listen now at wondery.fm/ai

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  1. By Eric on

    Set out to listen to robocop 2 this morning but saw this! Had to put this one on first. Always an enjoyable few hours listening to you guys chat, wether it be about specialty kilts or all too brief references to D.C. Cab! Say, that movie should definitely be talked about for a few hours, don’t ya think? I know I’d love it! Awesome soundtrack too…

    1. By J. Blake (Post author) on

      Thanks so much! We appreciate the support…and your taking the time to drop us a comment.

      And yes, DC Cab would be a fun one!



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